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Remote Backup

The Online Remote Data Backup Service backs up your school's data to a secure central off-site storage area. This simple and automated service will enable your latest data to be recovered in the event of a server fault. It can even be used to recover a data file deleted from the server in error.



The Online Remote Data Backup Service can be used for curriculum or administrative data and includes special facilities for SIMS.

Schools are increasingly relying on computer systems and digital content to teach their pupils the core subjects of the curriculum. Administration data on each pupil and how the school functions is critical, highly sensitive and needs to be protected in a sufficient manner.

Without all this information backed up and protected the consequences of data loss can be massively time consuming, disruptive and potentially embarrassing as unwanted headlines are just a disaster away which would result in a damaged and hard to repair reputation.

Your data is sent securely and encrypted across the internet, so you can have peace of mind that your important information is safe in the event of a disaster.

With the Online Remote Data Backup Service you can rest assured that you are meeting your statutory obligations and will be able to restore your data at the click of a button when you need to.

  • Offsite storage & data encryption for maximum security
  • Simple to configure and manage
  • Easy access to data, anywhere, anytime
  • No capital expenditure
  • No tapes to rotate or replace
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Benefit from latest software updates without additional costs

Traditional backup solutions involve someone physically managing the backup process before storing the tapes at the school site, or taking the tapes home.

The service from CIT includes the additional benefits of providing a totally managed service that will include;

  • Free audit and setup
  • Remote management to ensure success
  • Restores provided as part of the service

Key Features & Benefits

  • Automatic up-to-the-minute backup scheduling - Ensure constant protection, removing the need for users to bear the responsibility.
  • Bandwidth Throttling - Option to throttle upload bandwidth at scheduled backup times to minimise bandwidth congestion.
  • Fully scalable and flexible - Accommodate anything from one to thousands of workstations and servers; protecting data across physical platforms, virtual environments and geographic locations.
  • Intelligent data selection - Include or exclude files and folders individually or use profiling and filters to automate file inclusions and exclusions based on filename or file type.
  • Anywhere, anytime recovery - Recover critical data in seconds over a Local Area Network connection or the Internet at the push of a button.
  • Central user management - Manage multiple users by providing them with a single interface for monitoring and administering all Backup Accounts. Remote Management gives the administrator full control of all Backup Clients' activities and filters, making it easy to enforce backup procedure compliance.
  • Lower disk space and bandwidth usage - individual file de-duplication, ensures de-duplication across all Backup Accounts; lowering disk space and bandwidth usage and accelerating backups.
  • High level of security - SSL protocol-encrypted network communications, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Storage Platform data encryption, Backup Client user authentication, Web Access user authentication and adjustable Backup Client user permissions ensure the highest level of backup environment security.

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